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"After a car accident, I had neck pain for three years. I could not sleep through the night. I tried everything. Zero Balancing with Amanda was the only thing that brought relief to my neck and back. I’m a believer."

John C 


"I am shy about massage and bodywork but it is working for me! I am so grateful for Amanda’s skill.There’s so many ways to tap into and release energy in the body. The benefits linger long after a session."

ZB client



“I'm more relaxed than I've ever been. I've also noticed an increase in my resilience. I'm taking better care of myself."




“I like the alignment and flow that Zero Balancing brings. ZB wakes up parts of me and reminds me of my aliveness. It’s hard to put the magic of ZB into words. The best thing is to feel it. I know I need it.” 




“Thank you for the ZB!  My shoulder is so much more open. Even my PT noticed a huge difference.” 

Beverly P




"“After the ZB session, I slept like a baby. During our session and the intention for bringing clarity and alignment, I had a vision in front of my third eye, of a very bright white gold volcano, with white gold light calmly flowing out…very clear, very aligned and energetically rejuvenating… I drank it in.” 



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